Seeley reduces vehicle idling 50%

Seeley-Medical-delivery-van-reduces- vehicle-idling-with-FleetTraks-GPS

Reduced Vehicle Idling

According to Justin Schuster of Seeley Medical, “Vehicle idling was at 18.4% when we implemented FleetTraks.  This surprised all of us.  By working with our drivers, our idle time has dropped to 9.3%. This saves us $19 per vehicle each month. That savings covers two-thirds of the cost of our FleetTraks service alone. The system has also helped us maintain our vehicles. We no longer find instances where oil changes are 8,000 miles overdue.”

 Better Route Management

“We’ve also benefited tremendously because we are able to manage all of our routes more efficiently.  Our technicians have defined territories and we like them to stay within these zones.  When a customer need arises and we have to find a technician, FleetTraks shows us the closest technician to that need. This eliminates excess miles traveled due to employees crisscrossing their routes and driving outside of their territories.”

We Made the Right Decision

“If we had to make this decision again, we would make the same one. We have received great value with reduced idling and better route management. In the past, we used a competing system and we found FleetTraks to be much easier to use. We really like the level of customer service that On-Board Communications provides, along with the variety of reports, specifically the management report that we receive every morning.  It helps us to identify exceptions and allows us to correct them almost immediately.”