Enhanced vehicle tracking functionality is added to FleetTraks.

Route taken with each GPS location numbered

Vehicles Route with all activity in numerical sequence.

On-Board releases enhancements to FleetTraks making vehicle tracking easier than ever.

FleetTraks users now are able to view the route that the vehicle traveled with the numerical order of starts, stops and GPS position reports clearly displayed. From the unit history page users simply click on map history button and touch the letter N on their keyboard to display the numerical sequence of the vehicles trip.

A quick visual identification of a vehicles route enables managers to verify that drivers drove an efficient route. Companies utilizing vehicle tracking work with their drivers to optimize routes enjoy increased productivity, reduced fuel expense, reduced vehicle wear and tear and better customer service.

On-going training and support for FleetTraks customers is always provided at no charge. To learn more about this enhancement contact customer support at 877-340-0300 x 290 or email us at support@on-board.com.

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